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Dog Obedience Training at Eclipse Park Veterinary Surgery

Dog Obedience Training

Eclipse Park Vet - Dog Obedience Training
Why should I train my dog?

All dogs stand to benefit from training. It is important they have manners.

Did you know that dogs can actually enjoy being trained?

Training satisfies one of the many needs a dog has, such as the desire to please and the desire to fit in with the pack. Training your dog can address many of the social and emotional needs your dog has. In training your dog, you will develop a method of communication and create a working relationship with your dog that will benefit not only the two of you but your veterinarian and the community you are in!

A poorly behaved dog is a problem for everyone.

A dog with no training in an urban area can not only endanger their own life, but that of the people around them.

Accepting the responsibility for owning a dog is more than providing food, water and shelter, it is also ensuring that the dog is a happy, healthy member of your own family and the community in general. This is not possible without some form of training. By educating ourselves on how our dog thinks, learning what is important to them and why, we can help them fit into our homes and community. This is a much better way than if they are left to learn about life with humans on their own.


So Don’t Blame Them!
Train Them!

Dog Obedience Classes are held on Sunday mornings and are run by our DOTA qualified dog trainer, Kym Greaves.

This class runs for 7 weeks and will include:

  • Basic obedience
  • Socialising
  • Voice control
  • Behaviour
  • Pack structure
  • Off lead work
  • General information etc.

For our next starting date and more information, please call us on 1300 859 606.