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Orthopaedic Surgery at Eclipse Park Veterinary Surgery

Orthopaedic Surgery

Eclipse Park Vet - Orthopaedic Surgery

From broken bones to joint problems, the highly skilled veterinarians at Eclipse Park Vets are experienced in orthopaedic surgery and are committed to getting the best outcome for your pet’s health. We also have our specialist, Tom Smith, available for the more complex surgeries to ensure your pet receives the best care possible.

What is orthopaedic surgery?

Orthopaedic surgery relates to your pet’s bones. Commonly our Highfield vets perform orthopaedic surgeries to repair broken bones or correct defects such as luxating patella and ruptured cruciate ligaments in dogs.

If your pet requires orthopaedic surgery our friendly staff will explain to you exactly what’s involved and what you’ll need to do, but here are the basics.

Prior to the day of the procedure

We will email you an admission form and all pre-operative information a few days before the surgery. The day before, one of our friendly nurses will give you a call to make sure you understand everything and confirm the admission time with you.

In the morning

The pet will be admitted into our surgical ward in the morning. You can accompany your pet to help them settle in and our dedicated staff will be on hand to care for your pet. We’ll do a pre-anaesthetic exam, and usually sedate your pet a few hours before the surgery is scheduled.

During surgery

General anaesthesia will be administered by our expert surgeon, and surgery is performed under close observation from the team of experienced nursing staff. Vitals are monitored while our expert surgeon carries out the operation. We continue to monitor the pet during the recovery stage and they will be clean, dry, warm and settled in our state of the art practice.

What then?

In most cases pets are kept overnight to keep them as confined as possible. This can vary though and each patient has their own tailored plan for aftercare. Upon discharge, we’ll provide you with comprehensive post-surgery care instructions.

If you’re worried about your pet’s health, contact Eclipse Park Vets to make an appointment today.